Tuesday, December 8, 2009

IMPORTANT: Email Subscriptions

I'm very glad about the response of the visitors of this blog. In it's 7th Month now, Mechanical Engineering Blog Site already have 96 email subscription requests! This can only mean one thing--that the visitors are interested on the future contents of this site. The sad news though is that only 64 out of those 96 subscriptions (67 percent) are active. The remaining 32 requests are in the state of "pending confirmation".

To be able to get an email notification from this website, you need to ACTIVATE your subscription. To do this, you have to go to your email address (that you used to subscribe) and open the message from FeedBurner. Click on the link provided to verify your subscription. That email is automatically sent to your inboxes immediately after your subscription. If you cannot find it there, check your spam folders.

Question: What if I already deleted the email without activating my account?
Answer: The BEST thing you can do is to resubscribe. Enter again your email address on the subscription form found at the top portion of this blog OR click the orange envelope below.
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