Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mechanical Board Exam Review Questions: THERMODYNAMICS

In preparation for the second phase of Mechanical Engineer Board Exam this coming October 2010 and that of the "Overseas" version of it, I have here some review questions on Thermodynamics.

Instruction: Choose the best answer among the given choices.

1. The state of a simple substance can be defined by at least how many properties (e.g. pressure, mass, temperature, density)?
a. One
b. Two
c. Three
d. Four

2. The ability of a heat engine to convert the supplied heat to work is referred to as…
a. Thermal efficiency
b. Efficiency
c. Coefficient of performance
d. Coefficient of efficiency

3. To increase the efficiency of a Carnot cycle…
a. Increase the maximum temperature
b. Decrease the minimum temperature
c. Both a and b
d. Increase both the maximum and minimum temperatures

4. The area under the curve of the process plotted in the p-V diagram corresponds to…
a. Work flow
b. Work non-flow
c. Work steady flow
d. Heat

5. The value of n, in the equation PVn=C when the process is isothermal?
a. 1
b. 1.4
c. K
d. 0

6. The value of n, in the equation PVn=C when the process is isometric?
a. 1
b. K
c. Infinity
d. 0

7. In the T-s diagram, the area under the process curve corresponds to…
a. Heat of the process
b. Entropy of the process
c. The mean temperature of the process
d. The thermal efficiency of the process

8. What law of thermodynamics introduced the concept of entropy?
a. First Law of Thermodynamics
b. Second Law of Thermodynamics
c. Third Law of Thermodynamics
d. Zeroth law of Thermodynamics

9. A device that converts heat energy to shaft work.
a. Blackbody
b. Heat engine
c. Thermal cycle
d. Thermostat

10. A thermodynamic process characterized by a straight vertical line in the T-s diagram.
a. Isothermal process
b. Adiabatic process
c. Isochoric process
d. Isopiestic process

Answers will be provided watch out for this blog!

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