Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Here’s the answer to the last posted Mechanical Board Exam review questions on Engineering Economy.

1. It is the quantity of production when the income equals total cost.
B. Break-even point

2. The length of time required to recover the first cost of an investment.
B. Payback period
D. Payout period

3. Common term for the certificate of indebtedness
C. Bond

4. It represents ordinary share in ownership of the corporation’s capital without special guarantees of return.
C. Common stock

5. A type of bond where the name of the owner is recorded in the books of the corporation. Interests are periodically sent to him without claim action.
B. Registered bond

6. A type of business organization where two or more persons associate to engage for a business.
B. partnership

7. A type of business organization which is a distinct legal entity capable of business transactions like a real person.
C. Corporation

8. In a partnership type of business, what will happen if one of the owners dies?
C. The partnership automatically dies

9. It is the decrease in value of a property due to the passage of time.
D. Depreciation

10. It is the length of time during which a property may be used for profit.
D. Economic life

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  1. thanks for posting some additional elements like this, hope it will help for us who are preparing for board exams this coming Nov here in riyadh...thank you and more power

  2. cnu po bng magtatake ng ng board sa september?pashare po ng materials..salamt po..Makapasa sana tau..Godbless

  3. @ethan1968: I really dedicate this blog to especially to those who were not able to attend review centers for some reasons. Thanks for the visit, keep it up!

  4. amateur_engineerJuly 1, 2010 at 11:31 AM

    ang gaganda ng mga terms na binigay nyo sir.sana madgdagan p para marefresh pa po kmi.tnx po

  5. @amateur_engineer: Thanks...more to come...I'm currently working on engineering mechanics questions (computations). It may take two days more to complete it.

  6. Slamat Po sa Mga Elements Esp sa ENg;s Eco pero parang Marami pang Kulang E

  7. ano po b ang biggest percentage n llbas s board this september.. god bless!!!

  8. @ Liane: the most honest answer is: I don't know! But I think it will just be similar to the previous exams. More elements than computations. In math, I think there will be many economy problems and elements that will turn up. This is how recent board exams turned out to be, so I guess this is the safest ASSUMPTION I could have.

  9. please complete other parts of Materials & Heat Treatment Elements...I haven't received Part 2 Questions/Answers...Part 3, I'm still waiting for the answers to rate myself..
    ..thank you very much for your full support...