Monday, August 9, 2010

Answers to Materials and Heat Treatment Board Exam Review Questions

Here are the answers to the second set of board exam review questions on the topic: Materials and Heat Treatment posted last August 6, 2010.

1. An alloy of copper and nickel.
B. Monel

2. A light and non-magnetic metal with a better strength-to-weight ratio than any other metal at room temperature, and is used in corrosive environment applications.
B. Titanium

3. A heat treatment process that promotes uniformity of structure and properties of steel.
C. Normalizing

4. A heat treatment process that reduces internal stresses, caused by machining, cold working, or welding.
B. Stress Relieving

5. A heat treatment process used to soften the steel for improved machinability and improve or restore ductility for subsequent forming operations.
A. Annealing

6. The ability of certain materials to absorb vibrations.
C. Damping Capacity

7. Materials that have the same structure at all points are said to be…
D. Homogeneous

8. These are flexible materials that can be stretched up to about double their length at room temperature and can return to their original length when released.
D. Elastomers

9. It is a measure of the amount of light transmitted through a given material under specific conditions.
A. Opacity

10. Major alloying element of stainless steels.
C. Chromium

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