Friday, August 20, 2010

ANSWERS to Materials and Heat Treatment Part 3 - ME Board Exam Review

Here are the answers to the board exam review questions in Materials and Heat Treatment part 3 posted last August 17, 2010.

1. A special alloy of lead and tin that is commonly used in bearing applications.
B. Monel

2. It is the load-bearing characteristics of a material under relative motion.
D. Lubricity

3. Annealing in such a way that some or all of the carbon is precipitated as graphite.
A. Graphitizing

4. It is used to designate the relatively soft central portion of certain hardened tool steels.
A. Core

5. It is the prolonged heating of a metal at a selected temperature.
D. Soaking

6. In heat treatment process, it is the critical or transformation point at which pearlite structure is transformed into austenite structure.
B. Decalescence point

7. A case- hardening process whereby steel is heated in a carbon rich environment.
C. Carburizing

8. A term used to refer to the product of the blast furnace and is made by the reduction of iron ore.
A. Pig iron

9. It is a type of steel that owes its distinctive properties chiefly to the carbon it contains.
C. Carbon steels

10. It is the deterioration of a material or its properties due to its chemical reaction with the environment.
C. corrosion

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