Saturday, August 14, 2010

ANSWERS to Mathematics Elements and Terminologies-Board Exam Review

Here are the answers to the questions on Mathematics Terminologies posted last August 11, 2010.

1. The _____of a number are numbers that when multiplied with each other gives the value of the number.
C. Factors

2. The _____ of a set of numbers is the smallest whole number factor that is common to all of them.
B. Least Common Multiple

3. In the algebraic expression X-2, what is the minuend?
B. 2

4. What mathematical property is demonstrated by this equation: a (b+c) = ab+ac?
C. Distributive property

5. In ratio and proportion, the first and last terms in a proportion are called _______.
B. Extremes

6. The rectangular coordinate system is also known as
A. Cartesian Coordinate system

7. It is a series of numbers in which each consecutive term differs from the preceding one by a fixed amount
D. Arithmetic progression

8. Which of the following should be used in calculating the volume of the revolution of an area?
A. Pappus Rule
B. Guldinus Rule

9. Which of the following is used in determining the area of an irregular shape?
D. Simpson’s Rule

10. It is a general formula used to find the volume of any prism, pyramid or frustum of a pyramid.
C. Prismoidal Formula

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