Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Answers to Mechanical Engineering Review Questions in Materials and Heat Treatment Part I

Here are the answers to the questions on Materials and Heat Treatment topic posted last August 3, 2010.

1. A term referring to steels that has been deoxidized completely.
B. Killed steel

Rimmed steels are incompletely deoxidized.

2. Because of physical or chemical changes, some metals lose their ductility. What term refers to this process?
A. Embrittlement

3. This is a property of some materials that enables them to accommodate huge deformation without breaking/rupture.
B. Plasticity

4. A type of cast iron in which most of the Carbon is chemically combined with iron.
B. White Cast Iron

Or sometimes called White Iron

5. Substances that wear other substances that is softer than itself.
A. Abrasive

6. An aluminum ore.
D. Bauxite

7. The most commonly used material for springs.
D. Music wire

8. The referring to the brittleness of steel while it is red hot
C. Red shortness

9. Materials that has the same properties in all directions.
A. Isotropic materials

10. Alloyed with steel, this material promotes fine grain structure and improved the ratio of endurance strength to ultimate strength.
D. Vanadium

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