Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mechanical Engineering Review Questions: Power Elements Part 1

Here are some questions BASED from the previous board exams of Mechanical Engineers on the subject Power and Industrial Plant Engineering.

Instruction: Choose the BEST answer.

1. It is an apparatus used to obtain the volumetric chemical composition of the gaseous by-products of combustion.
a. Bourdon Gage
b. Orsat analyzer
c. Manometer
d. Calorimeter

2. A term used to refer to a concrete foundation formed by continuous pouring of cement and letting the entire mass dry as one unit.
a. Composite foundation
b. Reinforced concrete foundation
c. Foundation
d. Monolithic foundation

3. In power plants, if you want to measure small differences in pressures, what is the best instrument to use?
a. Bourdon gage
b. Sphygmomanometer
c. Manometer
d. Orsat analyzer

4. Which of the following is not a major function of air-conditioning?
a. Control the temperature
b. Control the humidity
c. Control the air movement
d. Control the mass of air in the space

5. This material is used to seal the piston rod to prevent leakage from the pump.
a. seal
b. Packing
c. Shield
d. Glue

6. You want to know the grindability of coal, what apparatus you should use?
a. Hardgrove apparatus
b. mortar and pestle
c. hammer
d. shovel

7. It is a straight line that indicates the relationship between steam consumption and the turbo-generator load.
a. Saturation line
b. Super heated line
c. Willans line
d. Williams line

8. The period of time for one half of the mass of radioactive material to disintegrate.
a. Life
b. Curie
c. Becquerel
d. Half life

9. In power plant engineering, what do you call the power intended to be available even under emergency situations.
a. Firm power
b. Prime power
c. Cold reserve
d. Hot reserve

10. In nuclear power plants, what do you call the enclosure usually made of concrete or lead that absorbs any leakage of radiation from the reactor?
a. Thermal shield
b. Biological shield
c. Geiger shield
d. Radioactive barrier

Answers will be posted after 2 days.

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