Monday, August 9, 2010

Mechanical Engineering Review Questions: Power Elements Part 2

Here’s the second part of the questions on Power Plant and Industrial Plant Engineering terminologies.

1. A reserve generating capacity that is in operation but not in service.
a. Hot reserve
b. Firm power
c. Prime power
d. Spinning reserve

2. Another term for Lower Heating Value (LHV).
a. Gross Calorific Value
b. Least Calorific Value
c. Net Calorific Value
d. Actual Calorific Value

3. In a refrigeration system, it controls the flow of refrigerant manually.
a. Float Valve
b. Capillary tube
c. Gate Valve
d. Expansion valve

4. The ratio of the dynamic depression head to the total head of a pump.
a. Cavitation factor
b. Load factor
c. Draw down
d. Static suction lift

5. A device used to determine the water level in the boiler.
a. Fusible plug
b. hydrometer
c. Bourdon gage
d. Gauge cock

6. A device in the fuel system that mixes gasoline with air.
a. Carburetor
b. Condenser
c. Injection pump
d. Piston

7. Comparing Diesel and Gasoline engines, which of the following is true?
a. Operating temperature of Gasoline Engines are higher
b. Additive lube oils should not be used in Gasoline engines
c. Soot production in Diesel engines are lesser
d. Operating temperature of Diesel Engines are higher

8. Which of the following is true in pH value?
a. pH value has no relationship with the Hydrogen-ion concentration
b. pH value of 5-6 are usually kept in boiler waters
c. pH 7 represents neutral value
d. pH value is not an important consideration in boiler operation

9. Reversible adiabatic expansion is at constant…
a. Temperature
b. Pressure
c. Entropy
d. Volume

10. The temperature at which vapor starts forming above the surface of liquid fuels.
a. Pour point
b. Flash point
c. Fire point
d. Kindling point

Answer will be posted after 2 days.


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