Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Power and Industrial Plant Engineering Questions Part 3 - Mechanical Board Exam Reviewer

This is the third part of Mechanical Engineering board exam review questions in Power and Industrial Plant Engineering.

Instruction: Choose the BEST answer.

1. Measure of relative hotness or coldness of a body.
a. heat
b. Absolute temperature
c. Relative humidity
d. Temperature

2. A device that automatically controls the speed of an engine.
a. Rotameter
b. Tachometer
c. Speedometer
d. Governor

3. When heat is added in a mixture of moisture and air, which of the following is true?
a. The wet bulb temperature decreases
b. The absolute humidity remains the same
c. The dry bulb temperature decreases
d. The relative humidity increases

4. Adding a small amount of salt in water will…
a. Increase the boiling point
b. Decrease the boiling point
c. The boiling point will remain the same
d. The freezing point will not change

5. If the wet bulb and the dry bulb temperatures are the same, what can we say about the air in the space?
a. It is completely dry
b. It has a low relative humidity
c. It is saturated
d. The thermometers are not working

6. Which of the following scenario will increase the likelihood of cavitation in pumps?
a. Smooth finished impellers
b. Velocity at the suction is lowered
c. The edges of the inlet portion are generously rounded
d. The fluid temperature is raised

7. The indicator used to determine the anti-knock property of gasoline engines
a. Octane number
b. Cetane number
c. Avogadro’s number
d. Degree API

8. Which of the following is used to determine if there’s a halogen leak?
a. Soap water solution
b. Sulfur candle test
c. Halide torch
d. Sulfur torch

9. A valve that that allows the fluid to follow in one direction only
a. Globe Valve
b. Expansion valve
c. Gate Valve
d. Check valve

10. The ratio of refrigerating effect to the work of compression
a. Coefficient of performance
b. Performance Factor
c. Refrigeration Efficiency
d. Thermal efficiency

Answers can be found here.

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