Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Power Elements Part 4 - Answers to Board Exam Questions

Here are the answers to the questions in Power and Industrial plant engineering posted last  September 2, 2010.

1. A term referring to the process of clearing exhaust gases by forcing into it a current of air which provides clean air for the next compression stroke of the engine.
A. Scavenging

2. The process regulating air supply either by mechanical or natural means.
C. Ventilation

3. A large pipe or drum into which a group of boiler is connected.
B. header

4. An ideal gas undergoes an isothermal compression, the enthalpy therefore,
D. Remain the same

5. The speed of the turbine in a medium head hydroelectric power plant is regulated by…
D. Wicket gate

6. Which of the following is NOT a unit measure of viscosity
D. Degree Baume

7. Energy from the random motion of molecules within the body
C. Heat

8. Term referring to the ignition of air fuel mixture in the intake of the exhaust manifold
A. Backfire

9. The amount of matter containing the Avogadro’s number of particles (molecule or atoms).
B. Mole

10. Internal combustion engine works on the following engines EXCEPT
D. Rankine

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