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Our newest way of connecting!

At last, we have a more efficient way of communicating with each other. We belong on the same group but of different places and conditions. This blog is created to unite all BS Mechanical Engineering students and graduates from Technological University of the Philippines (may it be Manila, Cavite, Taguig or Visayas). Let's take this opportunity to share what we have. Let each of us know what you think. Let us hear your experience as a student or as a professional. Also, let us know your concerns and current conditions. Share what you think will benefit other BSME across the nation. On this blog you can post the following: 1. Job opportunities 2. Tips and advice 3. Latest technologies you heard or used 4. Ideas for improvements 5. Latest news about our university and our industry. 6. Anything beneficial If you like to post any article please email us at . Don't forget to introduce yourself, your batch, TUP branch, status (studen