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The world today is experiencing it's greatest economic crisis since "the great depression " way back in the 1930s. Because of this, many companies are doing cost cutting measures to maintain their financial health. Salary freeze, reduction in work force, early retirement offering, and even plant or site closures are just some of the moves that most companies are doing nowadays. This crisis further tightened the already tight competition in job search . How can you cope with this elevated level of competition? Here are some tips that can make a difference whether you will get the job you want or not. Your Resume Submitting a well prepared, concise and organized curriculum vitae ( CV ) is one of the most important tool to increase your chance of being employed. Usually, when a resume do not catch the attention of the initial scanner, it will just fall on the trash can. No matter how well qualified you are, when no body see your classification clearly, it won't eve

Statistics in the Manufacturing World

Before, when production quantities only amounts to tens and hundreds and most of product manufacturing is done either manually or in a small shop using few machines, quality control is quite easy. All you need is to check all your finished products or parts if it meets all the required dimensions and its tolerances. But as manufacturing enters “mass production”, quality check was elevated to a superlative degree. Before, 99% quality signifies a high quality production process. So if the total quantity produced is 100, only one is defective. Fairly acceptable, isn’t it? Today, however, 99% is just far from acceptable. Now that production quantities amounts to millions, 99% quality translates to 10,000 defective products in a 1 Million produced! Also, the complexity of the manufacturing process has increased dramatically. Before, creating one finished product can only take up to 10, 20 or even 50 steps and the number of components only amounts to a maximum of a hundred. Now, there

BOARD EXAM TIP: Important References

Review materials are very important in preparing for the board exam . The good news is there’s a lot of available ME review materials for you. The bad news is, they are too many and reviewing all of them will take forever. The key is to have a good selection among those materials. Here are some of my recommended review materials. PAST BOARD QUESTIONS For me, this is the top priority or the most “must have” material of all. It gives you a hint on what the board exam looks like. You can study the questions given and use this information to optimize your review. For example, have you noticed the frequency of “elements” or “terminology” question compared to computation? Yes “terms” comprises of roughly 70% of board exam questions. Use this information to adjust your review. Don’t just focus on computations. Another thing you could notice is that the computations are fairly simple. What does this tell you? Simple, don’t focus your time to computational problem questions whose soluti

Computers and Softwares - Redefining Engineering

A few decades ago, drawings are done manually using a straightedge and a pen or pencil. Now with the advancement of computing technology, all the works are done inside the computer. Computer Aided Design , Manufacturing, and Engineering (CAD/CAM/ CAE ) revolutionized the world of engineering in a state we cannot imagine if we are living 50 years ago. In this article, I will take you to the world of “modern engineering” and how CAD/CAM/CAE makes engineers’ job faster and more efficient. NX (Formerly known as Unigraphics) by UGS-Siemens.Image via Wikipedia Part and Assembly Modeling (CAD) Before, making an isometric view of a mechanical part is a burden for engineers whose hands are not good in drawing. Also, the accuracy and clarity of the lines and dimensions varies from person to person. Today, with simple commands like “extrude”, “cut”, “join”, you can make extremely complicated part designs in a far lesser time than before. With the latest commercial packages of high-end CA