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Mechanical Engineering Review Materials: PSME Code (With Answer)

As promised on the previous articles, I prepared some materials for the upcoming Mechanical Engineering Board Exam. I hope this one will help.

Update: Answers in red.

Questions from the Philippine Mechanical Code (PSME Code)

1. As a requirement for permit application, for any installation involving machine, mechanical equipment, general layout plan for each floor drawn should not be less than
a. 1:200 b. 1:500 c. 1:1000 d. 1:100

2. Standard sheet sizes for mechanical plans and drawings shall be based on a width to length ratio of
a. 1: sqrt (2) b. 1:sqrt(3) c. 1:3 d. 1:2

3. For commercial and industrial buildings, work rooms (referring to maintenance shop and machine room) shall be at least _______ height from floor to ceiling.
a. 3 000 mm b. 2 000 mm c. 5 000 mm d. 4 000 mm

4. For guyed steel stacks, the angle between the stack and guy wire is usually
a. 30º b. 45 º c. 60 º d. 75 º

5. It is a heavy wheel which by its inertia assists in securing uniform motion of machinery by resisting sudden changes of speed.
a. cartwheel b. flywheel c. motor d. shaft

6. The extension of piston rod passing through a stuffing box in the outside area of an engine cylinder, compressor cylinder or pump cylinder.
a. tail rod b. pin c. hub d. sprocket

7. Type A sprocket has
a. one hub c. no hub
b. two side hubs d. bolted hubs

8. The reciprocating machine part within a cylinder is called
a. ram c. slide mandrel
b. plunger d. all of the above

9. Fixed-mounted or movable hood guards covering the length of run of power chains.
a. coupling guards c. belt guards
b. chain guards d. hood guards

10. A boom type mobile crane mounted on endless tracks or thread belts.
a. gantry crane c. locomotive crane
b. jib crane d. crawler crane

11. A mechanical contrivance for raising or lowering a load.
a. crane b. hoist c. rope d. chain

12. A horizontal arm for supporting a trolley or fall blocks which does not change its inclination with the horizontal.
a. clevis b. boom c. hood d. jib

13. One hand signal for crane movement arm extended, palm down, hold position rigidly.
a. stop b. lower c. hoist d. swing boom

14. Two hand signal for crane movement hold both arms horizontally at sides fully extend and move upward & return.
a. stop b. lower c. hoist d. swing boom

15. In elevator systems, a device designed to stop a descending car or counterweight beyond its lowest limit of travel.
a. bumper b. buffer c. dumbwaiter d. hoist way

16. The minimum factor of safety for suspension wire rods with 1 500 feet per min (fpm) passenger elevator.
a. 7.6 b. 9.5 c. 10 d. 11.9

17. A closed vessel in which steam or vapor is generated at a pressure of more than 1.055 kg/cm2 gage by direct application of heat.
a. portable boiler c. locomotive boiler
b. miniature boiler d. power boiler

18. Method of testing boiler integrity that uses x-rays to generate & record on film the imperfections or defects in the boiler tube material & welds.
a. metallurgical replication c. vacuum testing
b. ultrasonic thickness gauging d. radiographic testing

19. In the fire protection, class of fire in ordinary combustible materials such as cloth paper, rubber & many plastics.
a. Class A b. Class B c. Class C d. Class D

20. An underground formation that contains sufficient saturated permeable material to yield significant quantities of water.
a. aquifer b. water table c. porous layer d. well

21. Pipe color for acetylene.
a. yellow b. green c. orange d. red

22. In metrology, it is a device used to determine whether the part has been made to the tolerance required and does not usually indicates a specific dimension.
a. bevels c. gage
b. dial indicator d. trammel

23. In manufacturing, process of making molds for the plastic and die casting industries.
a. intraforming c. infiltration
b. swaging d. hobbing

24. A copper-silicon alloy available in five slightly different nominal compositions for applications which require high strength, good fabricating, & fusing qualities.
a. inconel c. everdur
b. monel d. babbit

25. In instrumentation, it is a device whose function is to pass on information in an unchanged form or in some modified form.
a. programmable logic controller (PLC) c. pilot light
b. controller d. relay


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  1. Nice blog of Mechanical Engineering.
    Cranes are used commonly in construction/ manufacturing industry. These are temporary structures, and is either fixed or mounted.


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      thanks a lot god bless.

  2. This is one informative blog for mechanical engineering enthusiasts. Relay is an electrically operated switch. In modern electric power systems these functions are performed by digital instruments still called "protective relays".

  3. ive been in practice for almost 40 years sa mechanical engneering - the likes of turbo-machineries, pressure vessel, heaters, heat exchanger to name a few. Hold a PME license in the early 80s.

    Currently work outside the country in petrochem for a very very long time. Can i post in your blog related to the work i been involved with concerning heavy mechanical works.

  4. Sure...can you please send me an email so I can grant you access to this blog?

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    maraming salamat po.
    email add

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  9. sir pa email din po sa mail ko ng copy ng "PHILIPPINE MECHANICAL CODE (FORMERLY PSME CODE) CODE 2003 EDITION", or kahit ung picture lang po ng book kasama ung author, para po makabili ako. magtake po ako ng board exam sa march..tnx po po mail ko

  10. sir whose the author of the book??

  11. Sir balak ko po mag exam sa 2016 nasa middle east po ako pwede po bang pa share ng ME review materials

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  14. sir, can I ask also a copy of ""PHILIPPINE MECHANICAL CODE (FORMERLY PSME CODE) CODE 2003 EDITION".... e-mail add: for self study... Thanks in advance.

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  16. I am looking for the latest edition/version of PSME Code. Please help

  17. Good day sir.pwede po makahingi ng old or latest edition ng PSME code.?please email to my email acct. Thank you for the response.

  18. Good day sir.pwede po makahingi ng old or latest edition ng PSME code.?please email to my email acct. Thank you for the response.

  19. Good day sir.pwede po makahingi ng old or latest edition ng PSME code.?please email to

  20. pa email naman po ng review materials. thank you

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