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The world today is experiencing it's greatest economic crisis since "the great depression" way back in the 1930s. Because of this, many companies are doing cost cutting measures to maintain their financial health. Salary freeze, reduction in work force, early retirement offering, and even plant or site closures are just some of the moves that most companies are doing nowadays. This crisis further tightened the already tight competition in job search. How can you cope with this elevated level of competition? Here are some tips that can make a difference whether you will get the job you want or not.

Your Resume

Submitting a well prepared, concise and organized curriculum vitae (CV) is one of the most important tool to increase your chance of being employed. Usually, when a resume do not catch the attention of the initial scanner, it will just fall on the trash can. No matter how well qualified you are, when no body see your classification clearly, it won't even matter. How can you avoid this to happen?

Prepare a concise resume with the most important information at the beginning of it. Unlike traditional resume format (a.k.a Bio-Data) that puts the general information like birthday and birthplace at the beginning, good resumes put first vital employment information first such as your experience and other important credentials. Since these information are usually the basis for hiring an applicant, it should be clearly stated earliest on your resume. Also, if possible, avoid submitting very long resumes.

Give your interviews your best shot!

Upon your successful inclusion to potential hiring because you did a great job on your resume and of course you are qualified, the next big event you have to prepare is your interview. May it be a phone or personal interview, do your best. I remember my former manager who selected me among the many applicants who is of the same credential, he said: "If you are given a chance to be interviewed, give it your best shot! It's a very rare chance, so take it and show what you are...first impression last." Yes, though you cannot prove yourself in just a few minutes or hours of interview, it will leave an impression of what you can do and what are your potential benfits to the company.

Be enthusiastic in your interview. Give it energy to show your willingness and eagerness to get the job that you want. Do not forget to smile. Also, present yourself in a nice and professional manner. DO NOT BE LATE. It's a super MINUS on you if you are late on your interview. Wear an attire that shows formality and decency that is always wanted in every company.

Be Updated with the News

Even if there are a lot of job opportunities around you, but you are not informed, it will be useless. Also, if you fail to apply quickly especially for jobs that has limited available positions, chances are, your resume will be the last to be considered if not all the positions are already filled. The solution is to be always updated with the latest job openings, job fares, or any event that can possibly help you find a job.

Although buying newspapers daily to look for the Classified Ads can be costly, it is worth the benefit if you are the first to apply. Being first to submit a resume is a big PLUS on your chances. Also, you can utilize the power of the internet. There are many "job finding"websites can alert you through email for FREE if there are any job opening that suits your qualification. All you need is to register you email address and submit or fill up a resume. The following are the popular "job finding" websites in the Philippines:

No matter how difficult it is to find a job today, you can still find ways to make it! with perseverance and diligence and following the above tips, you can maximize your chances of finding and getting your dream job.

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