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Salary of Mechanical Engineers in the Philippines

Probably one of the things a newly graduated mechanical engineer would like to know is how much will he earn if he already work as a mechanical engineer in a company. What is then the typical salary of freshly graduated mechanical engineers in the Philippines? Depends on your job role Salary highly depends on your role in the company? If you are handling a very critical job, then expect your salary to be higher. The catch in this is that it is very rare that freshly graduated mechanical engineers have the necessary skills to handle such positions. Therefore, you cannot expect to have a big salary when you enter a company.

BOARD EXAM TIP: Why I Can’t Pass the Board Exam?

It was your nth time to take the board exam, and yet after your heartfelt prayer you received the news: YOU STILL FAILED TO PASS THE BOARD EXAM. This situation may happen to anyone, and unlike the common notion that it only happens to those who are really bad at school, it also happened several times to those who graduated with honors. Yes, even the “cum laudes” may fail the board exam. What can be the possible causes for such tragic situation? Here are some common pit holes that you should avoid. OVERCONFIDENCE You may be the top student of your class and you have a “good” to “excellent” grades. Yet, sometimes, these honors can be a trap if you do not keep watching yourself. Though it was a great advantage if you studied very well in school days, still, it does not guarantee anything when it comes to board exam.