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BOARD EXAM TIP: Why I Can’t Pass the Board Exam?

It was your nth time to take the board exam, and yet after your heartfelt prayer you received the news: YOU STILL FAILED TO PASS THE BOARD EXAM. This situation may happen to anyone, and unlike the common notion that it only happens to those who are really bad at school, it also happened several times to those who graduated with honors. Yes, even the “cum laudes” may fail the board exam. What can be the possible causes for such tragic situation? Here are some common pit holes that you should avoid.


You may be the top student of your class and you have a “good” to “excellent” grades. Yet, sometimes, these honors can be a trap if you do not keep watching yourself. Though it was a great advantage if you studied very well in school days, still, it does not guarantee anything when it comes to board exam.
Mechanical engineering board exams, especially nowadays, do not only measure your ability to solve problems but also measures the scope of your KNOWLEDGE. If you take a look on previous board exam question, you can see that approximately 60% of the questions are “elements” or “terms” used in mechanical engineering. It requires reading and reading and more reading.


If you really want to pass the board exam, you have to FOCUS on your review. Most students even enrolled themselves in expensive review centers. Unfortunately, because of the lack of seriousness, their time and money are wasted because they do not get the full benefits of it. If you enrolled in review center, make sure that you attend ALL sessions and do all your homework. Utilize all the materials provided and answer all the questionnaires that have been given.

For those who didn’t attend a review center, you can’t cast all the blame to the fact that you “self reviewed”. You might as well ask yourself: Do I have a REGULAR review schedule with all the materials available to me? Do I have a BALANCED review with the three different subjects: Mathematics, machine design and Industrial/Power Plant Engineering? Remember the weight of each subject: 30% Machine Design, 35% mathematics and 35% Industrial / Power Plant. This will give you a guide as to how much time and effort you have spend on each topic.


There is no “luck” in board examination. If you study your probability subject, then you will know that the chance of guessing correctly a question with four choices is only 25%. Then how much more for a test with 100 questions?

Also, it was a yearly buzz that there are “leakage” in board exam and your review center have it. DO NOT RELY ON THESE! Besides the fact the “leakage” is ILLEGAL, it may give you a FALSE hope and may cause you not to do your best. Still, best way to pass the board exam is to increase your chances. Increasing your chance involves widening your knowledge and training your computational skills. Have you solved enough problems to be confident that you can pass the board exam?


After your nth time of taking the board exam, you may feel very sad and hopeless. Are you really hopeless? Not at all! You will be hopeless though if you give up. If you failed the exam, take time to reevaluate yourself and see if you fell on any of the above board exam pit holes.
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  1. Hi, just want to share my experience during my board exam days.
    What I did to pass the board licensure exam

  2. Nice topic to cope with. This is the same with my previous experience during my Mechanical Board Examination. I can say that a good education can create concrete foundation.

  3. Thanks for your great article friend, i get new information, new ideas to do centre


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