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Salary of Mechanical Engineers in the Philippines

Probably one of the things a newly graduated mechanical engineer would like to know is how much will he earn if he already work as a mechanical engineer in a company. What is then the typical salary of freshly graduated mechanical engineers in the Philippines?

Depends on your job role

Salary highly depends on your role in the company? If you are handling a very critical job, then expect your salary to be higher. The catch in this is that it is very rare that freshly graduated mechanical engineers have the necessary skills to handle such positions. Therefore, you cannot expect to have a big salary when you enter a company.

Another thing is your capability to do the job. Typically, freshly graduated mechanical are surprised by the big gap between what is taught at the school and the actual working processes. For example, we are used to manual computations on stresses and forces. But in most companies today, manual computations are already outdated. It has long been replaced by computer- analyzed simulations using complex package of engineering software.

I personally experienced this when I entered my first job. I was overwhelmed by the fact that my “ace” skill on manual computations was seldom used in the actual job application.

Location Matters

Companies vary their offered salary rates depending on the location within the Philippines. The main reason is cost of living. When you are working in rural areas like provinces, your salary rate might be smaller because the cost of living is lesser compared to the urban locations. On the other hand, if you are working in an urbanized area, chances are your salary will be higher because your daily expenses are significantly bigger.
Consider the benefits

You may be receiving big salary but there’s no employee benefit. You may consider the following before concluding that the offered salary is big:

1. Statutory benefits
This includes SSS, PAG-IBIG and Phil Health
2. Medical Benefits
This may cover medical, dental, maternal/paternal benefits.
3. Employee leaves
Though many may consider this to be of lesser importance, it is also vital to know whether you are allowed to have paid vacation and sick leaves.
4. Bonuses and other company initiated benefits
Do they give quarterly, semi-annual, or annual bonuses?

Schedule of work

Schedule of work affects the salary that company will give to you. Will you be working 7 days a week? Is the working period be 12 hrs with 4-hour forced overtime? Do you have a shifting schedule, one week morning and one week evening? If you are working on the evening, expect your salary to be higher because of the hazard pay that should be included in your paycheck.

Real life examples

On the follow on article to this, I will provide real life examples of salaries to jobs typically offered to mechanical engineers in the Philippines.

For those that are already working, after considering the factors stated above, you might well ask yourself: Am I really earning big? Yes, it’s really hard to compare!


  1. that's pure common sense. people are looking for figures . . . for numbers!

  2. atleast you must have bracket to salary based on years of experience..


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