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My apologies for a very long time without posting a reviewer on this blog. I've been so busy in the past few months on my work and I had very little time to create and post new reviewers for Mechanical Engineering board exam. Anyway, I managed to have some time at the end of January and I took that opportunity to create new review questions.

The board exam is getting nearer. For those who will take it this summer, I wish all the best for you. I hope this little blog will serve as an additional help.

The questions below is based on popular handbooks on mechanical engineering. Based on previous exams, these handbooks were frequently used to create board exam questions. without further ado, here are the questions.

Instruction: Choose the BEST answer.

1. A type of bearing lubrication that produces a complete physical separation of the sliding surfaces resulting in low friction and long wear-free service life called_____.
a. Hydrodynamic
b. Mixed film
c. Boundary
d. Self lubrication

2. This type of bearing is used either to absorb shaft loads or to position the shaft axially.
a. Roller bearing
b. Thrust bearing
c. Ball bearing
d. Plain bearing

3. Property of a bearing material to withstand repeated load application without cracking or flaking.
a. Conformability
b. Embeddability
c. Fatigue resistance
d. Load capacity or strength

4. It is a structural system constructed of linear members forming triangular patterns.
a. Bridge
b. Truss
c. Joint
d. Linkage

5. It is defined as the state of lateral instability that occurs when a long member is stressed below the yield point.
a. Elastic buckling
b. Rupture failure
c. Yielding
d. Permanent deformation

6. In foundry and molding, green sand refers to sanded combined with
a. Bentonite
b. Clay
c. Clay and Oil
d. Clay and Bentonite

7. Machining process where material is removed by focusing high-velocity electrons on the work piece.
a. laser-beam machining
b. Stereo lithography
c. electron-beam machining
d. water jet machining

8. Machining process where water is ejected from a nozzle at pressures as high as 200,000 lb/in2 (1,400 MPa) and acts as a saw.
a. laser-beam machining
b. Stereo lithography
c. electron-beam machining
d. water jet machining

9. A welding technique where an external supply of gas, such as carbon dioxide, or by gas generated when the electrode flux heats up is used to protect the molten metal from atmospheric contaminants that may result in poor weld quality.
a. Gas shielding
b. Slag shielding
c. Flux
d. All of the above

10. In an automobile, it is a unit attached to the ring gear which equalizes the traction of both wheels and permits one wheel to turn faster than the other, as needed on curves.
a. Accelerator
b. Differential
c. front-wheel drive
d. steering wheel

Answers will be posted here soon.


  1. These are interesting questions, and I am sure that your readers will benefit from them.

    Do you have a blog roll where you link to other blogs? I would like to link to your blog and get you to link to mine since we are concerned with similar matters.

  2. To Dr. D,

    Please let me know the URL of your blog and I will see if I can put you on my blog roll.

    Ideas Moderator

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