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BOARD EXAM TIP: Why be a board topnotcher?

When I was in college, my teacher once told us: WHEN YOU DREAM, DREAM HIGH! He points to the board exam as an example. He advised us to make it our goal not just to pass, but to top the board exam. He reasoned that when you target higher than the passing rate, it is more likely that when you missed the top, you will fall next to it. At the very least you will still pass the board exam.

Let us then enumerate the benefits of topping the board exam. It may motivate you to strive harder and smarter than what you are currently doing.


When I say easier, I do not mean absolute ease. Easier here is relative to those that are of the same level as you: fresh graduate, zero years of experience, and from a typical college or university. Whether you know it or not, the country’s demand for mechanical engineers is smaller than the number of mechanical engineers produced every year. This is the reason why many fresh graduates find it difficult to find a job. They usually end up unemployed or underemployed for some period of time after the board exam. I am talking here of LICENSED (board passers) mechanical engineers, not just engineering graduates. Yes, passing the board exam may not be good enough.

Board topnotchers though have some advantage over those who are just ordinary board passers. Some companies, although give much preference to EXPERIENCE accept board exam topnotchers because of the POTENTIAL that lies on them. They recognize that topping the board exam usually entails dedication and quick learning skill.


Who of us do not like to be recognized? The school you have graduated in will probably honor you. You classmates will likely be so proud of you. How about your parents? Relatives? And even your neighbors? For those who came from remote provinces, even just passing the board exam calls for a town fiesta! And how much more if you not only pass the board but actually lead thousands of other examinees!

But please take note that topping the board is not a valid reason to brag or to belittle other people. There are numerous reasons why you shouldn’t. Enjoy recognition but stay humble.


This is the toppings on the cake. Some review centers offer cash rewards to motivate their students to excel and top the board exam. In return, it will give them good marketing promotions and encourage others to choose their review service.

Also, some schools give cash rewards for students who will bring honor to the school. This is the case for most private schools and some public universities. For instance, last year, 2009, a prominent school in the Philippines gave away a brand new car to their student that top the mechanical board exam. Others even offer full refund of the tuition fee from first to the last year. These are just few examples of prizes that await those who made it on top.

So what do you think? Do you want to be a board exam topnotcher? Why not? On the next article, let’s examine some tips that may help you to achieve it.


  1. PRESS RELEASE: PRC Changes First Phase Mechanical Engineering Exam Schedule dated February 22, 2010
    February 24, 2010

    The Professional Regulation Commission would like to announce the change of schedule of the licensure examination for Mechanical Engineering for the year 2010.

    As per Resolution No. 2010-13, series of 2010 the Board of Mechanical Engineering announces the re-scheduling of the first phase of the year 2010 Mechanical Engineers licensure examination from April 24-25 to March 27-28 (Saturday-Sunday).

    The deadline for filling of application for the March examination will be on March 8, 2010. The second phase of the board examination will be on October 12-13, 2010.



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  3. nice to see this blog site. it's a nice advice and i believed on that, as a result, I have topped it.

    good luck.

    -GE, 1997 ME board top 1.

    1. wow!!!! ur awesome!!! galing.! congrats.! can i ask?.. how did u topped it? i mean.. what did u do inorder for u to top the exam?.. two hands salute for u.

  4. TIPS po naman kung san mainam taga ormoc city leyte po ako, YOLANDA victim. yung less expenses po sana pero sulit and review.. please po advice na man dyan. thanks!


  5. As a board topnotcher, there is a disadvantage though. Your company and superior expects so much of you. Sometimes you are the subject of envy and insecurity of your supervisor and senior co workers, pulling you down because they see you as their hindrance. That's why this new company of mine, I never declared that I was a topnotcher of Electrical Engineering and everything went so smoothly compared to my previous.


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