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The board exam is over and it yields two possible results: PASS or FAIL? If you pass, congratulations! If you fail, don’t lose hope, you have several options. You Passed, Congrats! What’s next? Probably one of the happiest moments in your life (or probably not), passing the board exam is viewed by many (including me) as one of the events they will never forget. Remembering the times when you really pressed hard on your studies during college and during review, it’s just refreshing to think that your labor is starting to pay-off. Yes, you have every reason to celebrate this momentous achievement in your life. After the celebration though, you have to move on. For most of us, board exam is just the last page of one chapter of our career as an engineer and another chapter is to be started. What you would likely do next is to apply for a job. Mechanical engineering is a broad profession. You can work in HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) applications. You can be a designe