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The board exam is over and it yields two possible results: PASS or FAIL? If you pass, congratulations! If you fail, don’t lose hope, you have several options.

You Passed, Congrats! What’s next?

Probably one of the happiest moments in your life (or probably not), passing the board exam is viewed by many (including me) as one of the events they will never forget. Remembering the times when you really pressed hard on your studies during college and during review, it’s just refreshing to think that your labor is starting to pay-off. Yes, you have every reason to celebrate this momentous achievement in your life.

After the celebration though, you have to move on. For most of us, board exam is just the last page of one chapter of our career as an engineer and another chapter is to be started. What you would likely do next is to apply for a job. Mechanical engineering is a broad profession. You can work in HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) applications. You can be a designer or as a maintenance engineer. You can also work in large power plants. There’s also the career in manufacturing as a mechanical designer or quality control. Yes, the list of variety of work you can have is almost endless. Mechanical Engineering is a versatile profession indeed.

Some of us may end up working in a profession which is far from mechanical engineering. Whether it’s good or bad depends on the person and his circumstances. They may work in call centers or they may even decide to do business far from engineering realm. Yes, board exam is the end of a chapter and is a beginning of another.

You Didn’t Pass, then?

Failing to pass the board exam is a sad event. You spend time, money and effort to do review and yet, you failed. But again, you must move on. You may decide to re-take the board exam. If you decide to do so, then reevaluate you previous attempt. Did you give your best during review? Could you be better this time? I remember this saying: “A man who keeps doing the same thing cannot expect to get more.” What things should you do this time to make the result different? If you exert the same level of effort you did in your previous attempt, could you expect to pass the board exam this time?

Some, due to personal circumstances though, may opt to not take the board exam again. They are not always losers. It can also be the perfect decision at that time. Anyway, board exam is not too much of a difference when it comes to being a mechanical engineer. Anybody can be a mechanical engineer by practicing mechanical engineering profession. There are instances when non-board passers even become more successful mechanical engineers. For me, mechanical engineering license is just a potential advantage, nothing more.

Mechanical Engineering Blog Site is moving forward

This website, is also moving on. It will now shift its gears towards the succeeding board exam s on October and the overseas board exam later this year. Expect more free review questions to be posted.


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