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With Engineering Economy comprising almost half of Mathematics questions during the board exam, I think it's a wise choice to really focus additional attention to that subject. Here's the second batch of questions on Engineering Economy.
Instruction: Choose the BEST answer.

1. It is a depreciation method based on the assumption that the value of a property is directly proportional to its age.
a. Straight Line Method
b. Sinking Fund Method
c. Declining Balance Method
d. Service Output Method

2. Which of the following is NOT a requirement of a depreciation method?
a. It should be simple
b. It should recover the capital
c. BIR approved
d. The book value should be higher than the market value

3. The decrease in the purchasing power of money
a. Devaluation
b. Depreciation
c. Inflation
d. Depletion

4. Equal periodic payment of a debt.
a. Annuity
b. Amortization
c. Depreciation
d. Bond

5. Minimum number of years required for a bond redemption.
a. 5 years
b. 1 year
c. 10 years
d. 15 years

6. Amount of money spent on a business operation which cannot be recovered due to certain reason.
a. Fixed cost
b. Sunk cost
c. First cost
d. Increment cost

7. Represents share in the ownership of the capital corporation.
a. Bond
b. Mutual fund
c. Stock
d. Burse

8. It is the actual interest earned by the principal in ONE YEAR.
a. Effective interest
b. Exact interest
c. Simple interest
d. Compounded interest

9. A type of annuity where the payment goes on indefinitely
a. Ordinary annuity
b. Annuity due
c. Perpetuity
d. Deferred annuity

10. An economic situation when there is only one vendor of a product or service.
a. Oligopoly
b. Monopoly
c. Communism
d. Socialism

Reference: Engineering Economy by H. Sta. Maria

Answers will be posted next week.


  1. it possible for you to post review questions directly coming from PRC especially those coming from the previous board exams last year?
    ..we have review sessions every Thursday & Friday here in Jeddah, KSA as preparation for the November Board Examination. I want to share to the group all what you have been posting.
    ..thank you very much for the support.


  2. I'm a Mechanical Engineer here in the Philippines. Though I'm not a graduate of TUP I would still want to monitor this site. Thanks I like it.
    What I did to pass the board licensure exam

    1. Hi, here is the updated link of What I did to pass the board licensure exam. Please ignore the first one as it will lead you to error. Thanks.

    I think that is not possible (for now). Actual board exam questions are NOT to be revealed. Although there are some books that publish those questions, it is not in accordance with the policy of PRC.
    My website is only offering SIMILAR board questions but they are BASED on questions given on past board exams so you can be assured that what you are getting here is beneficial to your review.
    I am hoping that you and your review mates will perform good in the upcoming board exam. God bless.

  4. @mattscradle tnx for the tip to pass the board exam!

  5. mechanical samaritanJuly 13, 2010 at 12:14 AM

    sa mga magtatake ng board sa sep pde po tau magshare ng mga matrials//mg post n lng muna dto.salamt

  6. cge!ok yan...sali me!san review center ka samaritan?

  7. sa march po aq mag take for sure lang need ng mahabang review


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