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New Features at CHAT and FORUM

Dear valued readers,

When I started Mechanical Engineering Blog Site about a year ago, my sole purpose is to provide a way for me to share my ideas as a mechanical engineer to the world especially to students and fellow professionals. But as time goes by, Mechanical Engineering Blog Site has grown from being a simple personal blog, to a website that provides free online review materials for those who will be taking the board exam on mechanical engineering.

With that growth, I decided to have my own domain name. Hence, last June 2010, from just being a free Blogspot subdomain ( it became a Along with this change is the creation of my own email address, where you can directly email your concerns and questions to me.

The growth though, does not stop on domain name change. Today, I am formally introducing two (2) new features on this site. One is the CHAT WIDGET, powered by ShoutJax and the other one is the FORUM PAGE powered by Nabble!
These two new features is not here without purpose. These features are here to increase the readers involvement and to foster collaboration of fellow mechanical engineers whether professional, amateur, or student.

With the new ShoutJax Chat widget, you can ask question as quick as it enters your mind. When there's somebody online who can answer that question, you can receive the answer quickly in real time.
The Forum Page powered ny Nabble

FORUM Page can be accessed at or at the last portion of the menu tab.
The FORUM on the other hand, will provide a documented question-answer discussion on a certain topic. With this powerful tool, you can view old and new discussion on different mechanical engineering topics.

My only request to the readers is to use these tools only for professional collaboration. I reserve the right to myself, as the blog administrator, to delete items I deem inappropriate and to ban the IP addresses of those who abuse these tools. I would also like to request my readers to be vigilant against scammers/spammers who may post links to websites that may install harmful application your computer. If there are cases like these, I would appreciate if you could report these incidents by sending an email to

I am confident, that with these new features, Mechanical Engineering Blog Site will be a better place for cooperation between mechanical around the globe.

Best Regards,


  1. Sino may review materials from Prime, Alcorcon, Linx, CDTC, Merrit Review Centers? Pwede pa photocopy or bilhin ko ng second hand, second hand rate din ah. Nang makapag-basa2 ako ng elements. Saka mag-aral ng computation. Email me,

  2. With this amazingly powerful tool, we will be able to a discussion on different mechanical engineering related topics.

  3. In fact, these essential features are here to increase the readers involvement. What an approach!

  4. Is there any way you could publish the updated details? I will truly appreciate your assistance!


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