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Thoughts on Mechanical Engineer Board Exam September 2010

The Professional Regulations Commission has yet to announce the results of this year's second phase board exam for Registered Mechanical Engineers (RME), Professional Mechanical Engineers (PME), and Certified Plant Mechanic (CPM).

Upon its release, it will be immediately posted in this blog, so please stay tune. Based on previous exams, the results can come out as quick as one day of processing so it can be sometime tonight or tomorrow.

Meanwhile, try to sit down and relax. I am very much aware that the waiting period can be really hard. When I took the board three years ago, I had two days of intermittent sleep because of   worries about the result. But after the results came out, the excitement, the thrill, the nervousness, and the anxieties started to wane.
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For those who will pass, please accept my warmest congratulations. For those who will not (of course, we all know that there's no 100% passing rate), accept the current situation but don't treat it as a total failure. Examine your self, your study habits, make improvements and try again.

For those who will be taking their board exam next year, continue improving the quality of your review. Board examination is not about who is the best, but who is the most prepared.
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  1. mechanical engineering board exam results September 2010

  2. sir hanggang kelan po b pwedng mgtake ng m.e board exam? after 3x and 6x or 9x. . .i knw after 3x 1yr rest/ dn pwed nanaman magtake. how about after 6x or 9x. . .dis only question frm me but i dnt want 2 happen dis 2 me. . . thanks more power 2 u. . .

  3. no to infinity...:-). There's no limit based on RA8495

  4. san po review center mganda

  5. check this out!

  6. sir by the year 2011 kailan po ang exam dito sa middle east at saan po kami mag fill up ng form pra maka take ng exam. im here in alkhobar saudi arabia....

  7. for the moment, there's no announcement yet for the exam in Middle East next year. I think it would be sometime in the 4th Quarter.

  8. hello, just want to know the sched of board exam this march or april???

  9. No announcement yet regarding March/April 2011 board exam. It will be posted here whenever available

  10. Sir I just wanna ask question.My nso birth certificate is still on process kasi nag file po ako ng petition for change of my middle name and badly i don't when it will be approved, can i still take the board exam this SEPTEMBER?WHAT would i do to take the exam?
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

  11. please redirect your questions to PRC themselves... think they know the answer.


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